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Beyond the Four Walls—Luma Health’s Care Pathway Messaging


“We’d like to do it all. Get patients in faster, keep a full schedule, track down those who need follow-up care, and engage them once they leave,” said Esme Mendez, Director of Operations at Family Doctors of Green Valley. “But, we struggle to simply reach our patients.”


November 2018 Healthcare Hot Takes: The portable EHR is coming. Will it finally put patients in control of their data?

Healthcare Hot Takes is Luma Health’s monthly rundown of healthcare innovations happening right now. Check out what the industry is thinking, reading, doing.


When Healthcare Gets It Right—Three Examples of Patient-Centered Innovation

It’s easy to list all the times healthcare gets it wrong. Long wait times, poor communication, and overworked providers clicking away at a computer screen during your visit are all too common. The healthcare industry is notorious for delivering terrible experiences. But what about when healthcare gets it right?


October 2018 Product Updates

We've just published the list of product updates that went live in Luma Health over the last month.  Here are a few quick highlights from October:

In the News

North Florida Women's Care Cuts No-Show Rate in Half, Generates $10,000 a Month in Additional Revenue

North Florida Women's Care has a stellar reputation for providing high-quality care in the Tallahassee area, but their patients were waiting too long for an appointment. Read about how Luma Health helped North Florida Women's Care drive better experiences for their patients and generate $10,000 in additional monthly revenue in Healthcare IT News.