All About Chatbots, Part II: Using Bots In Healthcare

Written September 19, 2017 by Tashfeen Ekram, MD

Did you know chatbots have a ton of uses in healthcare? Yep. From boosting patient engagement to improving the patient experience, chatbots do other cool things, too. See how in this post.

Chatbots have come a long way in healthcare. From keeping patients involved in their care to improving the overall patient experience, bots can do other cool things in healthcare, too.

See exactly how in this post.


In this three-part series originally published on Health:Further, Luma Health gives the low-down on what chatbots are, how they’re used in healthcare, and whether they have any therapeutic value.

Health:Further is an open community that hosts summits and events on leading healthcare innovation. A forward-thinking channel, Health:Further provides healthcare innovators and professionals the resources they need to stay in the loop.

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Tashfeen Ekram, MD, is a radiologist, self-taught coder, healthcare innovator and Co-Founder of Luma Health. Contact him at or on Twitter at @tashfeenekramMD.