November 2017 Product Updates

Written December 01, 2017 by Aditya Bansod

Here's a snapshot of November's product updates: Targeted messaging based on recall, diagnosis, and procedure, reuse a referring provider, and multiple feedback URLs. 

We've just published the list of product updates that went live last month.  Here are a few quick highlights from November:
  • Custom messaging based on patient recall, diagnosis, and procedures. Build highly targeted and patient-specific messages to be sent when a patient is due for recall, or diagnosed with a specific condition, or had a procedure performed.
  • Reusing referring providers: it's now easy to search for your existing referring providers.
  • Multiple feedback URLs: you can quickly switch which site to direct your patient feedback.

Check out our Help Center article for the update details or view the archive to see all Luma Health product updates.

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