Customer Spotlight: The Dermatology Clinic

Written January 04, 2018 by Sarah Miller

The Dermatology Clinic of Columbus helps over a hundred patients a day. Ranging from cosmetic surgery to pampering pedicures, The Derm Clinic has a wide range of stellar services. Luma is thrilled to be a part of such a dynamic practice!

It's not easy running a dyamic practice, wiht the ebbs and flows, but Becky, the Clinic Administrator oversees everything, making sure things run smoothly.  With Luma's user-friendly features like 2-way texting, The Derm Clinic's staff is more efficient than ever - and we're happy to be a part of it! 

Have you had previous issues using texting services for your patients?

(Previous to Luma) We had a lot of patients complaining that they either weren’t getting the messages or they getting messages at very odd times of the night. And when I called to report it - I wasn’t blown off, but was told that it was their service provider - which maybe it was. They never tried to work through an issue like that with me. It happened on multiple occasions.

The end of it was when I had some issues with a text message. I wanted to change one of our messages that were going out to our patients. I was working with someone for three weeks straight and the text message was still not right. I don’t have time for that!

I love Luma because we can communicate with the patients via text message at any time we want.

That sounds like a pain! Is it easier to customize texts now with Luma?

Absolutely. This is so much more user friendly. We keep the dashboard pulled up all day long, the text messages are being pushed out to patients about all of the appointments that are being cancelled. It’s really worked for us. We love it! Now we can customize the number of days. Right now we have it set up for 4 days out and one day out. The scheduler is not spending a lot of time on the phone anymore.

Also the indie referral - we put them in a text message and they call us! We don’t have to chase patients down.

I have overheard multiple patients say how much they love the text messages!

How has our customer support team been treating you?

As far as I know it’s been great. Everyone has been very helpful. As far as training other staff, it teaches itself! I have worked primarily with Tina (customer service) she has been courteous and prompt.

In the beginning I was a little leary, because I was worried that I was not going to be able to pick up the phone and call someone. You know, when you have an issue, you want to be able to speak to someone. But after seeing how quickly it’s handled, and knowing I’m not going to be left in a lurch, I think I am good! It has a great system and it is really working well for us.

Lastly, feedback is super important for a business to thrive. How were you getting your feedback before Luma?

We had comment cards in the rooms - but we got very little feedback on that. Before I think we had 3 reviews and now we have 66 reviews and we have been using Luma since early September.

We have loved the feedback feature. I love being able to go to Google and see all of our wonderful reviews. That has been fantastic!


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