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Top Healthcare Challenges for 2018 (And How Luma Can Help In The New Year)

The HCEG Top Ten Healthcare Challenges list inspired us to take a look at the ways we’re helping providers to tackle the industry’s big challenges in the new year – and we can’t wait to hit the ground running on January 1st.

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Is Your EHR Compliant With MACRA?

Did you know using EHR in a meaningful way accounts for 25 percent of your MIPS score for 2017? Here's how to make sure your EHR is compliant with MACRA requirements — and what to do if it's not.

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3 MACRA/MIPS Misconceptions You Need To Be Aware Of

With all the info floating around MACRA and MIPS, there's bound to be some misconceptions out there, right? We picked out the most common ones so you have the facts down pat. 


3 Ways to Avoid MACRA Penalties for 2019

So here’s the deal: MACRA officially starts January 1, 2019. And while that may seem like light years away, you could actually be in danger of getting a Medicare penalty (a hefty 4 percent!) based on your reporting habits now.

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ONS Webinar: An Intro of Luma Health to the Oncology Community

The Oncology Nursing Society has been a longtime advocate for improving care management and quality of life for cancer patients. It goes without saying, effective patient communication plays a huge role in this realm.