All About Chatbots, Part I: What's A Bot, Exactly?

Written September 15, 2017 by Tashfeen Ekram, MD

Chatbots and artificial intelligence (A.I.) are hot topics right now. But how exactly do chatbots work? And do they pick up on human language? Keep reading to know more.

You’ve probably talked to many chatbots in the form of customer service reps on website pop-up chats.

But how exactly do chatbots work? And do they really understand the conversations we have with them?

Read on to learn more about chatbots and how they work here.


In this three-part series originally published on Health:Further, Luma Health gives the low-down on what chatbots are, how they’re used in healthcare, and whether they have any therapeutic value.

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Tashfeen Ekram, MD, is a radiologist, self-taught coder, healthcare innovator and Co-Founder of Luma Health. Contact him at or on Twitter at @tashfeenekramMD.